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Dreaming of Money: what it means, interpretation and lottery numbers


Dreaming of money it is quite common for the human mind, accustomed as we are in real life to handle them to meet all kinds of needs. Likewise, money in dreams they are the transposition of several disparate situations, which can directly have to do with the material wealth but also with ours inner dimension, with our spirit, or with our personal needs. The range of interpretation is therefore very wide, but essentially concentrated in the affective, social, sexual, material and financial sphere.

Dreaming of a lot of money, dreaming of having a lot of money

Dreaming of having a lot of money it is a dream image usually attributable to inner wealth, as well as to material wealth. It can show us the abundance of ours personal energies, internal, to be spent on projects or ideas that, on several levels, can prove to be profitable and profitable; in the same way, the dream can also tell us about the very abundance of ideas and projects on which to bet.

More simply, in other situations, dreaming of a lot of money can represent ours economic condition, financial or equity.

Dreaming of money, interpretation: dreaming of counting money

Money in dreams can also be synonymous with budgets, evaluations to focus on before a choice, or at the end of a life path. Dreaming of counting money it can therefore be reconnected to the economic situation experienced, just as it can have to do with budgets to be drawn up in life, personal situations with which to deal, or aspects of one’s professional sphere to be subjected to careful evaluation.

Dreaming of money and counting it can lead us to different conclusions. We can find each other even with what we had planned to have, and therefore to be in a situation of serenity – emotional, loving, professional or economic – depending on the context of the dream. It can happen, again, to find us with in hand more money than expected; in this case it is the sense of fulfillment and satisfaction that manifests itself. Still, we can find ourselves instead in debt, with money that is missing and accounts that do not add up; it is dissatisfaction with something that makes its way in this image, to be investigated by evaluating well what the dream refers to.

Dreaming of not having money, dreaming of not being able to pay

It is possible that during the night you run into the annoying situation of being in a bar, restaurant, supermarket or similar, wanting to buy something, but to realize, once at the checkout or shortly before getting there, that you do not have enough money or of not having any at all.

Dreaming of having no money, and therefore dreaming of not being able to pay, often reflects the lack of confidence towards ourselves, showing us how the value we attribute to ourselves is not high at all.

Dreaming of a dead man who gives money, who asks for money

When in dreaming of money, they reconnect to one deceased loved one, it is the affective value that makes its way into our mind. Dreaming of a dead man who gives money, or who perhaps asks for them or looks for them around, often represents the broken link with the individual in question, whose absence we feel.

Generally, when it is the deceased who gives us or gives us money, we are in need of affection on his part, to feel an emotional void to be received and that we would like to fill with his presence. On the contrary, when we give it to him, it is the feeling of not having been present, of not having given sufficient attention to the person when he was alive.

Dreaming of money: which numbers to play in the Lotto?

According to the Neapolitan grimace, the number to play in the Lotto drawings for money in dreams is 46. Dreaming of money delivered by a person deceased must make us focus on the 47, or on 48 if that spoke.


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