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What does it mean to dream of a large house or house to be renovated?


In dreams there home represents the inner dimension, the personality of the dreamer, even if it is an unknown house. This dream expresses some fundamental aspects of the dreamer. It is in fact the dreamlike materialization of the psyche, of feelings and emotions. Eg a tidy house reveals balance contrary to a dirty one which is a symptom of inner suffering.

The external state of the dream house reveals how the dreamer feels physically, the physical changes due to diseases, the passing of time, a pregnancy, etc. In another respect, the dreamed house shows what the dreamer really desires, depending on what is displayed in it. If the house is richly furnished, the desire is for greater comfort greater stability And disposable income.

If the house is inhabited by family members, if the atmosphere is joyful and warm, then family, relationships, love and affection are put first. If she is silent, perhaps the desire is for a more peaceful and relaxed life. The facade of the house, on the other hand, represents the public image, that is, what you want others to see that does not always reflect what is contained in its interior, which instead refers to the intimate and family sphere.

The rooms that make up the house also have their own specific meaning. Freud recognizes the “body-home”, but it also sees represented family and marital relationships and everything related to the close relational circle. Jung sees in the home the archetype of the relationships and bonds that man has been able to create with his fellow men but also with himself. According to this thought, as mentioned above, the facade of the home will be a social image of the dreamer, the higher planes will be devoted to conscious functions and the lower ones and the cellar to the unconscious ones.

the meaning of the house in dreams

Being therefore the mirror of our psychophysical reality, the house in dreams it will follow the evolution and growth of the dreamer and consequently it could change its appearance, size, shape over time.

I dreamed of being in a beautiful and spacious house, which I did not know, but which was nevertheless mine. Inside was my family …

What does it mean to dream of a house

dilapidated: it relates to profound changes in your life in recent times or to the need to rebuild a broken relationship. But it also symbolizes deep fatigue and stress that could lead you to a psychophysical breakdown, of hopes and dreams.

new under construction: you are building or rebuilding your personality after a period of stress or depression and stillness. It can also indicate a marked economic and social improvement.

change it: it is clear that you would like to change something in you that you do not like but that you escape from instead of acting, instead of accepting that part of you too and working to improve it.

that burns: you would like to make a clean break with the past, definitively eliminate everything that has been. In this case, fire takes on a purifying as well as destructive role.

flooded: your emotions are holding you hostage. You are at the mercy of instinct and struggle to maintain a balance, an emotional but also economic stability. Try to take back the reins of your life.

small: you suffer from an undisguised sense of inferiority, you do not have confidence in yourself and in your abilities which instead exist and are just waiting to be revealed and re-evaluated.

great: your ego is proportional to the size of the dreamed house. Consequently, it is evident that you are a little too bold, a little too sure of your charm, of your abilities. Check yourself and you will certainly be more appreciated.

with ghosts: memories of the past that re-emerge to fill you with melancholy. In some cases even anger for some situation that has always remained unresolved, a wound that still bleeds when you think about it.

shaky: lack of balance, emotional or economic stability. But also little desire to put things right in one way or another. The house, that is you, could collapse at any moment if you do not act promptly.

full of relatives: you feel observed, tested, evaluated and weighed. You are probably going through a period of particular stress at work and this is making you anxious and tense.

full of strangers: they can represent aspects of yourself that you need to confront, repressed or hidden aspects of your character that pushes you to come out.

with many rooms: they represent the facets of your character, what you see and what is personal and intimate. This sometimes confuses you and struggles to understand each other.

old and dilapidated: old habits and die hard beliefs as well as the old ways of being that you have always adopted. But it can mean the need to update and modernize your thinking.

your old home: it represents nostalgia for the period of your life in which you lived in that house or for the people who lived with you. Some regrets related to the past, to the memory awakened by sensations that have taken you back in time.

razed to the ground: you have probably suffered big disappointments, so burning as to have collapsed your hopes, your dreams. Maybe a broken love, the loss of a relative, a failure …

dirty: you absolutely have to take care of yourself, detoxify yourself from bad thoughts, anxiety and neglect. Not only on a psychological level but also on a physical level. React and take back control.

without walls: you feel spied on and observed, judged in your most intimate dimension. Someone makes you feel this way, intimidates you and bothers you at the same time, making you feel at their mercy.

skyscraper: represents the dishonor that can be achieved due to an inordinate desire for supremacy over others. Avoid disparaging, humiliating attitudes towards those less fortunate than you.

Hut: you are exposing your reality by taking stock of your life. The outcome is not the best because the hut symbolizes a not very happy period.

Dream interpretation and lotto numbers

house 59

beautiful 8

ugly 90

small 11

large 25

new 3

old 27

blank 18

dilapidated 50

under construction 13

on fire 30


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