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The forgotten trauma. Dream Interpretation in Psychotherapies:


The forgotten trauma. The interpretation of dreams in psychotherapies: history, theory, technique”By Luigi Antonello Armando and Marianna Bolko is a manual consisting of 269 pages, published by Franco Angeli in 2017.

In the presentation it is immediately highlighted how today those who specialize in psychotherapist activity do not seem to be interested in acquiring the ability to understand dreams both for the difficulties it entails and for other reasons subsequently analyzed.

The first part of the volume is dedicated to mind training in which the continuity and discontinuity between experimental psychology and psychoanalysis, self-analysis and didactic analysis, the differences between psychoanalysis and psychotherapy, the very famous book by Freud “The interpretation of dreams” with the consequent responses of other psychoanalysts , the changes made over the years to definitions and conceptions up to the point to the meaning of the word trauma.

The second part, on the other hand, dedicated to the exercise of the mind, exposes in depth the history, technique and interpretation. The latter consists of two constitutive moments (formation of the mind, four guiding principles and construction of the context) and three operational moments (connection, ideational process and decision) whose limits are also analyzed. Finally they are illustrated the two types of evaluation, autonomous and heteronomous and explanations are given regarding the possibility of the interpreter to dream the patient and the ability of the interpreter to face his own dreams.

It is therefore a book recommended above all to those who intend to specialize in the professions of psychoanalyst and psychotherapist.

The price is around 30 euros.


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