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Have you ever dreamed of being pregnant? To give birth or without a belly


It may happen that in a certain period of your life you find yourself dreaming with a certain frequency of being pregnant or giving birth. Is it the sign of an unspoken desire for motherhood? In fact, dreaming of pregnancy often can express a latent desire to have a child in those who dream. But more often than not it is about something else. Let’s see what specifically.

By carrying out a simple transposition of what the conception of a child represents in reality, dreaming of being pregnant, as well as dreaming of another person’s pregnancy, whether we know it or not, can reveal the realization of a great project, relating to the emotional, work or personal sphere of the dreamer, his preparation for a new phase of his life. According to the Jungian interpretation, the child to be born represents a still unconscious recognition, “future still in potential” of what we are rocking in our mind. It is the sign of the completed maturation of those who dream, of their evolution towards a new phase of their life. Freud, on the other hand, has a more painful vision of pregnancy in dreams, creating a parallel with the sacrifice of memories and other aspects related to the dreamer’s past that he is forced to carry with him, which weigh on him and must be abandoned, in a moment. request for renewal necessary albeit painful.

Dreaming of being pregnant – what psychology says

Whatever the message dreamlike postponed by our psyche, dreaming of being pregnant, is however indicative of a positive evolution of the dreamer’s life, spiritual and / or professional. It evocates a positive moment of the dreamer, which derives from his psychic evolution and heralds the maturity from which a new phase of his existence will derive.

I dreamed of being in my room and looking at myself in the mirror as usual to get ready, realizing that I was pregnant. I was paralyzed looking at my reflection in the mirror without having the strength to move. What does it mean?

What does it mean to dream of being pregnant

Be personally: this dream vision indicates that a dream or a project that you have been guarding for some time can finally be realized, it can become reality. In this case, even a man could dream of being pregnant in dreams.

Dreaming of being pregnant and being happy with it: this dream indicates how ready you feel for the change you have been looking for and longed for. In any case, the news, the challenges do not scare you on the contrary they make you feel alive and vital, do not wait for anything else.

Dreaming of being pregnant and being afraid of it: in this case, however, you are not ready for the change towards which life is leading you. The commitment that comes before you is perhaps too burdensome for you at this moment and therefore you tend to withdraw, to flee.

Dreaming of other women: it can be interpreted as the confirmation of some action taken, or a sign of encouragement to continue in the life change undertaken. The important thing is to proceed with firmness in your beliefs.

Losing blood: this dream means that you are losing strength and conviction in supporting what you believe in, in the feasibility of your project. This loss of energy can also be a symptom of true physical weakness.

Dreaming of being pregnant but without a belly: perhaps there is a well hidden problem within you or perhaps you are worrying too much about things that really don’t deserve it. Stop for a moment and try to make up your mind before making rash choices.

Without knowing who the father is: may reflect anxiety about unwanted sexual relationships because you are not yet ready. More generally, it could also be understood as an indication to be more responsible, to act calmly and to reflect before making important decisions.

Known pregnant women: this dream vision could be a kind of premonitory dream, but at the same time it also symbolizes a project to follow together, an idea that you would like to realize with them, until the end. A beautiful dream, to be shared with the people in question.

Dreaming of being pregnant with twins: multi-pregnancy amplifies the meanings associated with being pregnant. The interpretation is therefore linked to the other meanings which are amplified by the presence of the twins.

False alarm: realizing in a dream that you are not pregnant as you thought, shows a lack of confidence in your partner, but also in yourself and in your abilities.

Abort: you are afraid of the responsibilities that weigh on your shoulders and that you know you are not fully capable of bearing. Abortion in this case is synonymous with escape.

Dreaming of being pregnant with a female: this dream vision symbolizes everything related to inner aspirations, dreams and fantasies, sensitivity and intuition that will guide you towards a clear improvement.

Dreaming of being pregnant with a male: in this case you are concentrating on more active aspects of existence, on social life and on concrete achievements, without leaving room for imagination and fantasy.

Dreaming of being pregnant with a dead baby: you fear, or have suffered, the failure of some project. Or else a deep-buried suffering has come back to your memory, linked to a past that you wish to forget.

Of a cat: you are fascinated by the mystery, by the sensuality of this animal and you would like to make these characteristics yours. Another meaning could be the desire to know a different way of life, a distant conception from one’s own, a confrontation with a reality that is only imagined.

The father is an ex boyfriend / husband: some regrets, the memories that surface and here they materialize in a baby on the way. They are probably projects that you had and that you would have liked so much to accomplish with that person.

Give birth: the positive change you have sought is evolving in the desired direction. But it is also a symbol of a new feeling of love that is taking root, of a new bond that will involve you.

Vomit: it can be associated with the need to express your thoughts or what you really feel about a particular problem or towards a person who has disappointed and hurt you.

Being pregnant and crying: you are tired of wearing a mask, of being what you are not really. The dream crying in this case symbolizes the need to reject all the falsehood that surrounds you.

Dreaming of being pregnant and gaining weight

If you have dreamed of breastfeeding, this dream image it could indicate your doubt that you are being exploited by someone to whom you have given everything without them deserving it. But it could also imply the desire to nourish the most creative part of oneself, one’s imagination and creativity. If on the other hand you have dreamed of being pregnant and gaining weight, it means that you desire something excessively, almost greedily, but this obsession will not bring you any good and will not help you achieve your goals.

Have you ever dreamed of losing a tooth or having sex with your ex partner?

Dream interpretation and lotto numbers

Vomit 7

Cat 11

Dead child 14

See pregnant woman 21

Childbirth 30

Pregnancy 50

Male 55

In menopause 65

Female 66

Being pregnant 82


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