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Dreaming of flowers: growing them, seeing them bloom and picking them


There is a secret language in every flower, even in those who dream: that of red roses is made of words that speak of passion and desire, that of tulips of words of eternal love, that of yellow daisies tells stories of jealousy .

It is a language that tells always and in any case sentimental stories. The same goes for dreams because flowers represent the deepest feelings, often unacknowledged. But what does it mean when you dream of flowers and actions related to them?

The most beautiful image that comes to mind when thinking about flowers is certainly that of a field dotted with a thousand colors of their blossoming in spring. If we transpose this magical moment with our mental processes we will have the primary reading key for this type of dream: manifestation of a desire to grow, the aspiration to make changes, new projects or new possibilities which, just like with flowers, they sprouted in us when the right time came. In principle, therefore it is a positive dream, precisely because of the vital symbolism of the flower that refers to concepts such as beauty, vitality and growth. However, there are some nuances of meaning that need to be evaluated considering the context of the dream. It will be important then to remember the stage of development of the flower (that is, if it was in bud, flowered or withered), the various species, the shapes, colors and especially Actions (that is, if they are given or received, they are placed in a vase).

Flowers, sex and psychology

From the psychological point of view, second Freud, flowers in a dream are nothing more than the oneiric representation of the genital organs. More precisely, the female ones are represented by the chalice, the male ones by the pistil, thus referring to more strictly sexual meanings.

I was in a meadow where there were flowers of all kinds, colorful and beautiful. At some point they began to wither

What does it mean to dream of flowers

And cultivate them: it is the dreamlike representation of the need to take better care of oneself. You are probably going through a time when you are neglecting yourself and your subconscious is warning you this way.

And throw them away: some quarrel in which you will probably be involved in spite of yourself, a quarrel between colleagues, a disagreement between relatives, a family discussion.

And grasp them: it manifests a need for protection, care and comfort in the moment of particular fragility you are going through. It could be a physical but also an emotional frailty.

And give them away: demonstrates interest in the person to whom they are given, an interest that one does not have the courage to declare for fear of being rejected or mocked.

And receive them: it could instead be that you are the object of desire of some secret admirer who does not have the courage to come forward. Look around you.

Withered: usually announces the onset of a period of sadness or melancholy often linked to the loss of a love or friendship.

Colored: it is definitely a positive dream. The colorful flowers express the well-being and happiness that will accompany a truly favorable period that is about to arrive.

Rossi: red is the color of passion. Dreaming of red flowers can only announce a period of strong passions and intense feelings, the strengthening of a relationship but also the beginning of a new love.

Detective stories : the dream warns you that there is someone who has feelings of jealousy towards you. Then look around you because jealousy is not an exclusive feeling of love: friendship, work and family, no one is immune from it.

Dreaming of receiving dried flowers and withered: dried flowers indicate a love affair that is ending: your feelings towards that particular person are drying up. If you get them from a person who is courting you in reality, the dream declares that you are absolutely not interested in it.

Flowers with thorns: the dream shows the agitation in you of negative feelings, the presence of a latent aggression perhaps due to anger for something that you just could not overcome.

Dream about fake flowers: it may mean that you are pretending to be what you really are not. Even in life or in relationships you always tend to pretend something else and hide behind a defensive mask.

Playing the “loves me does not love me” game: the dream shows the desire for a love, for a friendship, in short, it shows your need to find someone who can truly understand you. You are probably experiencing a time of sadness and loneliness.

Plant them: it is a beautiful dream that heralds lucky life events. Your skills will put you in front of excellent opportunities that will be seized without dwelling on them too much.

Put them in a jar with water: someone will offer their help to resolve a sensitive issue. But it could also be synonymous with a favor or gift from those close to you at work or in the family.

Dreaming of peach blossoms: synonymous with happiness, full and satisfying life. You are going through a great period, full of satisfaction and enthusiasm

Dreaming of cherry blossoms: they are auspicious and harbingers of happiness, affection, love. But they are also the symbol of transience, precariousness and consequently of the inexorable passage of time that does not come back.

Pink: often the representation of the beloved woman, of her beauty and her qualities, but also of a love that has just blossomed and of all the beautiful and satisfying feelings that follow.

Viola: the meaning is inseparable from its color and symbolizes aspects of your character linked to charm and charisma. But it could also be synonymous with the pain of missing something or someone.

Water lily: you will complete a project that has finally come to maturity. You will live with fullness and intensity the situations in which you will find yourself, realizing yourself and your potential.

Anemone: a harbinger of radical changes, of overturning situations that are often positive. But also a warning not to blindly trust all those around you.

Flowering tree: you have many ideas and many projects that are certainly very promising and will bear fruit. This spring image also brings back some nostalgia for the time of youth.

Dreaming of flowers in buds, blooming

If we dream blooming flowers, it means that we are in a period of transition from one phase to another. Therefore a synonym of rebirth, change, positive transformation, personal and professional improvement. If the flowers are still in buds, it means that you are being spiritually reborn, transforming yourself for the better, a kind of inner maturation that you are experiencing in these last times and that will lead you to become better people, more mature and aware of your abilities.

Have you ever wondered what it means to dream uprooted trees or one unripe apple? We will explain the meaning of these dreams to you.

Dream interpretation and lotto numbers

flowers 20

fresh 60

a bunch 51

orange 40

seize them 39

pink 36

plant them 40

yellow 19

of field 15

buckets 86

colored 13

purple 37


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