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Dreaming of being happy, another happy person, lost happiness


Dreaming of being happy. If there is anything we seek in life, it is to always be happy. It is not uncommon, therefore, to dream of smiling, having fun, enjoying life. Dream images quite frequent in many dreamers. But what does it actually mean to dream of being happy?

A dance, a party in the company of your friends, big smiles and widespread fun. Pleasant images that hide a double macro-meaning. On the one hand, it is possible that in the course of your daily life you have come across favorable and pleasant circumstances, an event that has made you turn around, making you feel relieved and light, without worry.

But according to the modern interpretation of dreams, that of dream of being happy it can mean a lack of affection, a need to feel good and remedy one’s shortcomings. Perhaps your period – long, medium or short term – has been characterized by small depressive phases, even alternating and of limited duration in time, the fact is that your life does not satisfy you, you are a little frustrated and you need , in fact, to smile again. The dream, in this case, would only underline one’s need to reach a happy shore, make one’s existence full and far from any sadness. In particular, these dream images suggest you, in this perspective, to make up for the time lost with your family, friends or in any case all those people who are able to make you feel good even with little.

Dreaming of the happiness of others

However, there are many variants of this dream: in fact, it is possible to dream of the happiness of others, to see moments of lost happiness or future ones, which have not yet materialized. In short, depending on the context, the interpretations can be many and varied. It is important, as always, to underline how the details, even the smallest, are essential to give a precise picture of what one dreams of.

I was sitting on a lawn, looking at the horizon. Nothing more. And I felt happy with my life, for no apparent reason. What can it mean?

Dreaming of being happy

In family: you have reached an inner tranquility that allows you to live life without negative thoughts in your head. You are in an enviable balance, although difficulties are always around the corner in everyday life.

Don’t be: it is a premonitory dream, if it can be defined as such. In fact, it reflects your current situation, but at the same time predicts a happy and radiant future, with lots of good news and success.

dream of happiness

Achieving lost happiness: your life is a continuous change of perspective, sometimes confusing and unclear circumstances, which in recent times have led you to lose your compass and feel disoriented. After a complex period, you will be able to get back on track, once and for all.

Dreaming of being happy for no reason: are you laughing for no particular reason? This means that a fortune or a benevolent fate will happen to you without deserving it in a particular way, but only for a decision of fate. A circumstance to rejoice in, which will give you back a joy you haven’t been used to for a long time.

The happiness of your partner: you are people who love to guarantee good to others. It is possible that by rejoicing in the joy or success of the person next to you from a strictly sentimental point of view (but why not also of a friend or family member), you too have a “benefit”. Sometimes being happy for others can make yourself happy too.

Dreaming of being happy for a goal achieved: long coveted to obtain recognition following a constant and meticulous commitment in the workplace. But your superiors or direct bosses do not seem to want to grant you such a joy. In all likelihood, success will come for you too, you just need to have a little consistency and, above all, the ability to wait.

A happy senior: consider a chapter in your life closed, usually from a sentimental point of view. After years spent with a person, you are about to leave by mutual agreement, without grudges and, above all, with the conviction that the relationship could turn into a beautiful friendship. You will look at the moments spent together in the past with a smile on your face, now you need to try new experiences. Before we get too old.

Dreaming of being happy and crying

If you dream of be happy with a guy you don’t know, in all likelihood you have reached a psychophysical status such as to be able to feel good with all people, without fear or prejudice. If on the other hand you have dreamed of be happy and cry at the same time, it is not a cry of joy, but probably a cry of liberation. You have come back from a very hard period from a professional point of view and probably also from a sentimental one, you know well that after so much suffering it is your time to smile, once and for all.

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