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Dream of your own clone | The meaning of dreams


Dreaming of your own clone is one of the strangest and most particular experiences you can have. Two themselves in the same room. An experience that can also be unsettling. But what does this mean? A dream in which you have the opportunity to observe yourself is certainly noteworthy, and it is not uncommon for it to allow the dreamer to evaluate some aspects of his personality. Aspects to be corrected or modified according to the situations that we find ourselves living in daily life.

Dream of your own clone

According to the modern interpretation of dreams, the fact of dreaming of oneself in the company … of another oneself it is a symptom of a strong personal discomfort, of a restlessness that grips us. Usually it is a situation linked to one’s daily life or to the relationship with the people who are close to us. We behave in a certain way but we don’t know why, sometimes we feel like we are playing the part of a person different from us. Of our double evil or less sensitive, precisely. But the concept of double can also have a positive connotation, it can underline the presence of a person (different from us) who takes our defense, a kind of guardian angel who watches us from a distance, but which is nevertheless able to be always present. To be heard in times of need. We do not perceive it physically, but concretely, in our real life, its weight is felt in a very important way.

That of the double, or as they say borrowing from the German doppelgänger, can have, in popular belief, the meaning of a negative omen. Very negative. Even death. It would be about seeing one’s soul, one’s spirit, therefore a version of oneself post mortem.


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