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Dreaming of being hit by a shot

Dreaming of being shot (in an incorrect “translation” according to the Italian language but which still gives the idea) more than a dream it is a nightmare for the unpleasant sensations, for the anxiety it generates and the consequent rude awakening.

It should always be remembered that every dream is different and closely connected to the dreamer’s life. The weapon used is irrelevant for the purpose of interpretation while I am thereand people involved and the result of the shot. Usually you wake up before you know the final result of the shot.

I enter the house and suddenly I turn around and see that I have a gun pointed at my head …

The classic interpretation

In classical dream interpretation, it shot symbolizes change. The dreamer has come to the end of a phase of his life that can be the end of a job, a love, etc. Their end leaves room for the novelty that is about to arrive, for change in fact.

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From this point of view, dreaming that someone shoots us it has no negative meaning since i changes can be positive and make our life or social position better.

be shot and not die

Where does the shot hit?

Depending on part of the body if you are hit in a dream, the interpretation changes. For example if you are hit at legs or arms, the changes could affect more closely theworking environment. If you see the blood coming out, alas, the changes will not be for the better, on the contrary, a dismissal or removal from a position is likely. In some cases the right leg or arm correspond to the father while the left leg and arm correspond to the mother.

So if you get hit in these spots, the changes can affect these family members in particular. If you get hit at the heart it goes without saying that the change can only affect one’s own love life. If other people are affected by the shot, the change could instead be linked to them and their personal situations intertwined with those of the dreamer. Survive the shot, although hit, it indicates a strong personality and ability to get up and fight without ever giving up.

What does it mean to dream of being shot

Dreaming of being shot and dying: change in this case is really necessary. It must be a clean break, a sort of “elimination” in order to move towards a better future.

Dreaming of being shot and surviving: in this case it is possible to procrastinate and wait before making decisions. You can calmly decide when to take the path of change.

Being shot by a stranger: the unknown, the change of life that you know is waiting for you makes you a little afraid, it creates anxiety and fear of not being up to it.

Dreaming of being shot in the forehead: in this case death is assured and consequently the meaning is of rupture, of a definitive cut, without the possibility of recriminations. Something or someone has let you down, embittered to the point of “killing” you inside.

Shoot yourself: in this case you feel guilty about something, you are ashamed to the point of deciding to punish yourself with death. Analyze your situation well and fix it before it becomes an obsession.

Shoot your partner: you do not have a very stable relationship and if you think so, it is good that you start thinking about it calmly and seriously.

If your partner shoots you: also in this case say goodbye to the serenity of the couple because your subconscious warns you that there are many unresolved issues that hinder your relationship.

Dream interpretation and lotto numbers

Shoot 71

In burst 41

Up in the air 4

To someone 5

See you shoot 47

Weapon 38

Bullet 71

Blood 18

Wound 11


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