Dreams Meaning

Dream book dream interpretation guide with numbers for the lotto


This is a dictionary recently published by De Vecchi Editore for the series Astrology at a price of around 15 euros.

This book contains both the modern interpretation of dreams and the thought of famous interpreters of the past as well as the symbolic / mythological and psychological / physiological aspects to finish with the cabal of the lot.

It starts from the erroneous consideration according to which during sleep all the activities of the organism stop while instead it has been scientifically demonstrated that there is a high brain activity. There have been numerous research on sleep which led to the establishment of its cyclical development and the discovery of REM sleep, or rather that characterized by the presence of dreams. After an in-depth study of the so-called REM sleep we come to the question of interpretation by recalling Freud’s first important work, The interpretation of dreams, published in 1900. Freud’s method of interpretation is meticulously explained, but also those of Adler and Jung, in fact other methods of interpretation were subsequently developed from Freud’s ideas.

He is appointed Leopold Szondi, a Swiss psychologist, with his analysis and interpretation to arrive later at Gestalt therapy with Perls who, unlike Freud, considers dreams not as a way of access to the unconscious, but as a way of access to integration.

In the second part of the volume, however, among the various themes we talk more specifically about the dream, the meaning of the word dream, its relationship with psychology, the analysis of the most common symbols, numbers and the game of lotto up to get to the part dedicated to the actual dictionary.


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