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Have you ever dreamed of being pregnant? To give birth or without a belly


It may happen that in a certain period of your life you find yourself dreaming with a certain frequency of being pregnant or giving birth. Is it the sign of an unspoken desire for motherhood? In fact, dreaming of pregnancy often can express a latent desire to have a child in those who dream. But more often than not it is about something else. Let’s see what specifically.

By carrying out a simple transposition of what the conception of a child represents in reality, dreaming of being pregnant, as well as dreaming of another person’s pregnancy, whether we know it or not, can reveal the realization of a great project, relating to the emotional, work or personal sphere of the dreamer, his preparation for a new phase of his life. According to the Jungian interpretation, the child to be born represents a still unconscious recognition, “future still in potential” of what we are rocking in our mind. It is the sign of the completed maturation of those who dream, of their evolution towards a new phase of their life. Freud, on the other hand, has a more painful vision of pregnancy in dreams, creating a parallel with the sacrifice of memories and other aspects related to the dreamer’s past that he is forced to carry with him, which weigh on him and must be abandoned, in a moment. request for renewal necessary albeit painful.

Dreaming of being pregnant – what psychology says

Whatever the message dreamlike postponed by our psyche, dreaming of being pregnant, is however indicative of a positive evolution of the dreamer’s life, spiritual and / or professional. It evocates a positive moment of the dreamer, which derives from his psychic evolution and heralds the maturity from which a new phase of his existence will derive.

I dreamed of being in my room and looking at myself in the mirror as usual to get ready, realizing that I was pregnant. I was paralyzed looking at my reflection in the mirror without having the strength to move. What does it mean?

What does it mean to dream of being pregnant

Be personally: this dream vision indicates that a dream or a project that you have been guarding for some time can finally be realized, it can become reality. In this case, even a man could dream of being pregnant in dreams.

Dreaming of being pregnant and being happy with it: this dream indicates how ready you feel for the change you have been looking for and longed for. In any case, the news, the challenges do not scare you on the contrary they make you feel alive and vital, do not wait for anything else.

Dreaming of being pregnant and being afraid of it: in this case, however, you are not ready for the change towards which life is leading you. The commitment that comes before you is perhaps too burdensome for you at this moment and therefore you tend to withdraw, to flee.

Dreaming of other women: it can be interpreted as the confirmation of some action taken, or a sign of encouragement to continue in the life change undertaken. The important thing is to proceed with firmness in your beliefs.

Losing blood: this dream means that you are losing strength and conviction in supporting what you believe in, in the feasibility of your project. This loss of energy can also be a symptom of true physical weakness.

Dreaming of being pregnant but without a belly: perhaps there is a well hidden problem within you or perhaps you are worrying too much about things that really don’t deserve it. Stop for a moment and try to make up your mind before making rash choices.

Without knowing who the father is: may reflect anxiety about unwanted sexual relationships because you are not yet ready. More generally, it could also be understood as an indication to be more responsible, to act calmly and to reflect before making important decisions.

Known pregnant women: this dream vision could be a kind of premonitory dream, but at the same time it also symbolizes a project to follow together, an idea that you would like to realize with them, until the end. A beautiful dream, to be shared with the people in question.

Dreaming of being pregnant with twins: multi-pregnancy amplifies the meanings associated with being pregnant. The interpretation is therefore linked to the other meanings which are amplified by the presence of the twins.

False alarm: realizing in a dream that you are not pregnant as you thought, shows a lack of confidence in your partner, but also in yourself and in your abilities.

Abort: you are afraid of the responsibilities that weigh on your shoulders and that you know you are not fully capable of bearing. Abortion in this case is synonymous with escape.

Dreaming of being pregnant with a female: this dream vision symbolizes everything related to inner aspirations, dreams and fantasies, sensitivity and intuition that will guide you towards a clear improvement.

Dreaming of being pregnant with a male: in this case you are concentrating on more active aspects of existence, on social life and on concrete achievements, without leaving room for imagination and fantasy.

Dreaming of being pregnant with a dead baby: you fear, or have suffered, the failure of some project. Or else a deep-buried suffering has come back to your memory, linked to a past that you wish to forget.

Of a cat: you are fascinated by the mystery, by the sensuality of this animal and you would like to make these characteristics yours. Another meaning could be the desire to know a different way of life, a distant conception from one’s own, a confrontation with a reality that is only imagined.

The father is an ex boyfriend / husband: some regrets, the memories that surface and here they materialize in a baby on the way. They are probably projects that you had and that you would have liked so much to accomplish with that person.

Give birth: the positive change you have sought is evolving in the desired direction. But it is also a symbol of a new feeling of love that is taking root, of a new bond that will involve you.

Vomit: it can be associated with the need to express your thoughts or what you really feel about a particular problem or towards a person who has disappointed and hurt you.

Being pregnant and crying: you are tired of wearing a mask, of being what you are not really. The dream crying in this case symbolizes the need to reject all the falsehood that surrounds you.

Dreaming of being pregnant and gaining weight

If you have dreamed of breastfeeding, this dream image it could indicate your doubt that you are being exploited by someone to whom you have given everything without them deserving it. But it could also imply the desire to nourish the most creative part of oneself, one’s imagination and creativity. If on the other hand you have dreamed of being pregnant and gaining weight, it means that you desire something excessively, almost greedily, but this obsession will not bring you any good and will not help you achieve your goals.

Have you ever dreamed of losing a tooth or having sex with your ex partner?

Dream interpretation and lotto numbers

Vomit 7

Cat 11

Dead child 14

See pregnant woman 21

Childbirth 30

Pregnancy 50

Male 55

In menopause 65

Female 66

Being pregnant 82


Dreams Meaning

What does it mean to dream of a large house or house to be renovated?


In dreams there home represents the inner dimension, the personality of the dreamer, even if it is an unknown house. This dream expresses some fundamental aspects of the dreamer. It is in fact the dreamlike materialization of the psyche, of feelings and emotions. Eg a tidy house reveals balance contrary to a dirty one which is a symptom of inner suffering.

The external state of the dream house reveals how the dreamer feels physically, the physical changes due to diseases, the passing of time, a pregnancy, etc. In another respect, the dreamed house shows what the dreamer really desires, depending on what is displayed in it. If the house is richly furnished, the desire is for greater comfort greater stability And disposable income.

If the house is inhabited by family members, if the atmosphere is joyful and warm, then family, relationships, love and affection are put first. If she is silent, perhaps the desire is for a more peaceful and relaxed life. The facade of the house, on the other hand, represents the public image, that is, what you want others to see that does not always reflect what is contained in its interior, which instead refers to the intimate and family sphere.

The rooms that make up the house also have their own specific meaning. Freud recognizes the “body-home”, but it also sees represented family and marital relationships and everything related to the close relational circle. Jung sees in the home the archetype of the relationships and bonds that man has been able to create with his fellow men but also with himself. According to this thought, as mentioned above, the facade of the home will be a social image of the dreamer, the higher planes will be devoted to conscious functions and the lower ones and the cellar to the unconscious ones.

the meaning of the house in dreams

Being therefore the mirror of our psychophysical reality, the house in dreams it will follow the evolution and growth of the dreamer and consequently it could change its appearance, size, shape over time.

I dreamed of being in a beautiful and spacious house, which I did not know, but which was nevertheless mine. Inside was my family …

What does it mean to dream of a house

dilapidated: it relates to profound changes in your life in recent times or to the need to rebuild a broken relationship. But it also symbolizes deep fatigue and stress that could lead you to a psychophysical breakdown, of hopes and dreams.

new under construction: you are building or rebuilding your personality after a period of stress or depression and stillness. It can also indicate a marked economic and social improvement.

change it: it is clear that you would like to change something in you that you do not like but that you escape from instead of acting, instead of accepting that part of you too and working to improve it.

that burns: you would like to make a clean break with the past, definitively eliminate everything that has been. In this case, fire takes on a purifying as well as destructive role.

flooded: your emotions are holding you hostage. You are at the mercy of instinct and struggle to maintain a balance, an emotional but also economic stability. Try to take back the reins of your life.

small: you suffer from an undisguised sense of inferiority, you do not have confidence in yourself and in your abilities which instead exist and are just waiting to be revealed and re-evaluated.

great: your ego is proportional to the size of the dreamed house. Consequently, it is evident that you are a little too bold, a little too sure of your charm, of your abilities. Check yourself and you will certainly be more appreciated.

with ghosts: memories of the past that re-emerge to fill you with melancholy. In some cases even anger for some situation that has always remained unresolved, a wound that still bleeds when you think about it.

shaky: lack of balance, emotional or economic stability. But also little desire to put things right in one way or another. The house, that is you, could collapse at any moment if you do not act promptly.

full of relatives: you feel observed, tested, evaluated and weighed. You are probably going through a period of particular stress at work and this is making you anxious and tense.

full of strangers: they can represent aspects of yourself that you need to confront, repressed or hidden aspects of your character that pushes you to come out.

with many rooms: they represent the facets of your character, what you see and what is personal and intimate. This sometimes confuses you and struggles to understand each other.

old and dilapidated: old habits and die hard beliefs as well as the old ways of being that you have always adopted. But it can mean the need to update and modernize your thinking.

your old home: it represents nostalgia for the period of your life in which you lived in that house or for the people who lived with you. Some regrets related to the past, to the memory awakened by sensations that have taken you back in time.

razed to the ground: you have probably suffered big disappointments, so burning as to have collapsed your hopes, your dreams. Maybe a broken love, the loss of a relative, a failure …

dirty: you absolutely have to take care of yourself, detoxify yourself from bad thoughts, anxiety and neglect. Not only on a psychological level but also on a physical level. React and take back control.

without walls: you feel spied on and observed, judged in your most intimate dimension. Someone makes you feel this way, intimidates you and bothers you at the same time, making you feel at their mercy.

skyscraper: represents the dishonor that can be achieved due to an inordinate desire for supremacy over others. Avoid disparaging, humiliating attitudes towards those less fortunate than you.

Hut: you are exposing your reality by taking stock of your life. The outcome is not the best because the hut symbolizes a not very happy period.

Dream interpretation and lotto numbers

house 59

beautiful 8

ugly 90

small 11

large 25

new 3

old 27

blank 18

dilapidated 50

under construction 13

on fire 30


Dreams Meaning

Dreaming of flowers: growing them, seeing them bloom and picking them


There is a secret language in every flower, even in those who dream: that of red roses is made of words that speak of passion and desire, that of tulips of words of eternal love, that of yellow daisies tells stories of jealousy .

It is a language that tells always and in any case sentimental stories. The same goes for dreams because flowers represent the deepest feelings, often unacknowledged. But what does it mean when you dream of flowers and actions related to them?

The most beautiful image that comes to mind when thinking about flowers is certainly that of a field dotted with a thousand colors of their blossoming in spring. If we transpose this magical moment with our mental processes we will have the primary reading key for this type of dream: manifestation of a desire to grow, the aspiration to make changes, new projects or new possibilities which, just like with flowers, they sprouted in us when the right time came. In principle, therefore it is a positive dream, precisely because of the vital symbolism of the flower that refers to concepts such as beauty, vitality and growth. However, there are some nuances of meaning that need to be evaluated considering the context of the dream. It will be important then to remember the stage of development of the flower (that is, if it was in bud, flowered or withered), the various species, the shapes, colors and especially Actions (that is, if they are given or received, they are placed in a vase).

Flowers, sex and psychology

From the psychological point of view, second Freud, flowers in a dream are nothing more than the oneiric representation of the genital organs. More precisely, the female ones are represented by the chalice, the male ones by the pistil, thus referring to more strictly sexual meanings.

I was in a meadow where there were flowers of all kinds, colorful and beautiful. At some point they began to wither

What does it mean to dream of flowers

And cultivate them: it is the dreamlike representation of the need to take better care of oneself. You are probably going through a time when you are neglecting yourself and your subconscious is warning you this way.

And throw them away: some quarrel in which you will probably be involved in spite of yourself, a quarrel between colleagues, a disagreement between relatives, a family discussion.

And grasp them: it manifests a need for protection, care and comfort in the moment of particular fragility you are going through. It could be a physical but also an emotional frailty.

And give them away: demonstrates interest in the person to whom they are given, an interest that one does not have the courage to declare for fear of being rejected or mocked.

And receive them: it could instead be that you are the object of desire of some secret admirer who does not have the courage to come forward. Look around you.

Withered: usually announces the onset of a period of sadness or melancholy often linked to the loss of a love or friendship.

Colored: it is definitely a positive dream. The colorful flowers express the well-being and happiness that will accompany a truly favorable period that is about to arrive.

Rossi: red is the color of passion. Dreaming of red flowers can only announce a period of strong passions and intense feelings, the strengthening of a relationship but also the beginning of a new love.

Detective stories : the dream warns you that there is someone who has feelings of jealousy towards you. Then look around you because jealousy is not an exclusive feeling of love: friendship, work and family, no one is immune from it.

Dreaming of receiving dried flowers and withered: dried flowers indicate a love affair that is ending: your feelings towards that particular person are drying up. If you get them from a person who is courting you in reality, the dream declares that you are absolutely not interested in it.

Flowers with thorns: the dream shows the agitation in you of negative feelings, the presence of a latent aggression perhaps due to anger for something that you just could not overcome.

Dream about fake flowers: it may mean that you are pretending to be what you really are not. Even in life or in relationships you always tend to pretend something else and hide behind a defensive mask.

Playing the “loves me does not love me” game: the dream shows the desire for a love, for a friendship, in short, it shows your need to find someone who can truly understand you. You are probably experiencing a time of sadness and loneliness.

Plant them: it is a beautiful dream that heralds lucky life events. Your skills will put you in front of excellent opportunities that will be seized without dwelling on them too much.

Put them in a jar with water: someone will offer their help to resolve a sensitive issue. But it could also be synonymous with a favor or gift from those close to you at work or in the family.

Dreaming of peach blossoms: synonymous with happiness, full and satisfying life. You are going through a great period, full of satisfaction and enthusiasm

Dreaming of cherry blossoms: they are auspicious and harbingers of happiness, affection, love. But they are also the symbol of transience, precariousness and consequently of the inexorable passage of time that does not come back.

Pink: often the representation of the beloved woman, of her beauty and her qualities, but also of a love that has just blossomed and of all the beautiful and satisfying feelings that follow.

Viola: the meaning is inseparable from its color and symbolizes aspects of your character linked to charm and charisma. But it could also be synonymous with the pain of missing something or someone.

Water lily: you will complete a project that has finally come to maturity. You will live with fullness and intensity the situations in which you will find yourself, realizing yourself and your potential.

Anemone: a harbinger of radical changes, of overturning situations that are often positive. But also a warning not to blindly trust all those around you.

Flowering tree: you have many ideas and many projects that are certainly very promising and will bear fruit. This spring image also brings back some nostalgia for the time of youth.

Dreaming of flowers in buds, blooming

If we dream blooming flowers, it means that we are in a period of transition from one phase to another. Therefore a synonym of rebirth, change, positive transformation, personal and professional improvement. If the flowers are still in buds, it means that you are being spiritually reborn, transforming yourself for the better, a kind of inner maturation that you are experiencing in these last times and that will lead you to become better people, more mature and aware of your abilities.

Have you ever wondered what it means to dream uprooted trees or one unripe apple? We will explain the meaning of these dreams to you.

Dream interpretation and lotto numbers

flowers 20

fresh 60

a bunch 51

orange 40

seize them 39

pink 36

plant them 40

yellow 19

of field 15

buckets 86

colored 13

purple 37


Dreams Meaning

Dreaming of leaving the boyfriend, the job or abandoning the child or the dog


Dreaming of abandoning or being abandoned is one of the most frequent dreams, which creates unpleasant sensations in sleeping people. Knowing the meaning of certain dream images is very important to understand the implication they can have in everyday life.

Apparently, that of abandonment it is a theme with negative connotations, however, know that depending on the specific dream, it can also take on a positive meaning. Here is the interpretation of modern dream interpretation.

When we find ourselves being abandoned or abandoning in the dream, we face a situation of sadness and sadness, in all probability directly linked to some discouraging and not very proactive situation in one’s daily life. According to the interpretation of dreams, the theme is directly linked to a similar circumstance in real life, or the person’s terror of being forced to accept an unpleasant situation of abandonment.

dreaming of abandonment

If you have been left by your partner, the dream definitely has a healing and healing power re-stabilization of one’s “I”. When in our dreams we find ourselves abandoning someone, it is possible that in reality we have to face important obstacles, make conclusive decisions that place us in front of an either or or.

Dreaming of being abandoned by parents

What seems common to the different interpretative theories of the human psyche is that the fact of being abandoned (or abandoning) in dreams, depends on the fears of childhood, period in which the fear of being abandoned by one’s parents is very strong and causes real trauma in infants. Think of the sense of loss of children when they lose eye contact with their mother or father.

I dreamed of being in church with all my relatives and friends, on the most important day of my life: the wedding. But my future bride did not show up, abandoning me on the most beautiful.

What does it mean to dream of abandoning

Being abandoned by the boyfriend / girlfriend: you are looking for some other stimulus in life, you want to experience different situations to feel more alive than you are today.

Being abandoned as a child: you feel in real life the need to take a break, think only of yourself, but at the same time you are afraid of not being able to face daily difficulties without the support of someone, like children with parents.

Being abandoned by a woman: whether it is your wife, girlfriend or just lover, in a short time you will meet a double consequence. On the one hand you will get rich economically, on the other hand you will become “poor” from a sentimental point of view.

Being abandoned in an unknown place: you are lost, you have lost your way and you do not know how to get back on the right path. You are living in a complex period, in which your every decision is a double-edged sword. Seek help from friends or loved ones to find the square of the circle.

Being abandoned by the mother: in the course of your life you have often and willingly suffered a lack of affection. You are people who need the good of the people around you, which is why you have been carrying around for years a sense of emptiness and internal lack.

The work: there will be a positive change in your life. After a dark period, in which you have tried in vain to change your daily life, a particular episode could upset you and bring a smile back to your face.

There family: you are going through a period full of commitments and fraught with difficulties. To overcome this difficult crossroads, however, you will soon realize that you will have to know how to rely solely and exclusively on your own strength.

Own home: it seems paradoxical, but this dream means that soon you will be able to receive a reward or a great cash return. A step forward from an economic point of view, which will brighten your days from now on.

A boat: a signal that you will have to be very careful about. In all likelihood, in fact, you or a colleague in the first place could leave your company without too much notice, to try the path of professional independence. It could be a dangerous leap into the void for you.

A son: a frequent dream in people who, as children, had to face the separation of their parents. It can be a still repressed suffering, even if you are an adult or have long since outgrown the circumstance of life.

A cat: it is a metaphor. You have the strict need to live yours with greater freedom. You want to untie the knots that bind you to the home, trying experiences that make you understand your real dimension in the world.

Dreaming of abandoning a dog

Have you ever dreamed of abandon a dog? It is an unpleasant dream vision, which portends a more or less important quarrel with a loved one or someone who loves you, probably a friend. If, on the other hand, you have dreamed of abandoning a child, it means that you have reached that period of life when you can no longer attach yourself to your mother’s skirts. You are still a bit of a child, but like it or not, you have to grow up, take steps forward and, above all, become adults.

You have dreamed of losing your teeth or to walk on broken glasses? Here is what their meaning is.

Dream Interpretation and Lotto Numbers

Being abandoned 7

Being abandoned by the mother 23

Abandoning a child 27

Abandoning Someone 33

Abandoning a relative 51

Abandoning an animal 52

Abandon 73

Being abandoned by a woman73

Abandoning a cat81

Abandoning a vehicle 83


Dreams Meaning

Dreaming of being happy, another happy person, lost happiness


Dreaming of being happy. If there is anything we seek in life, it is to always be happy. It is not uncommon, therefore, to dream of smiling, having fun, enjoying life. Dream images quite frequent in many dreamers. But what does it actually mean to dream of being happy?

A dance, a party in the company of your friends, big smiles and widespread fun. Pleasant images that hide a double macro-meaning. On the one hand, it is possible that in the course of your daily life you have come across favorable and pleasant circumstances, an event that has made you turn around, making you feel relieved and light, without worry.

But according to the modern interpretation of dreams, that of dream of being happy it can mean a lack of affection, a need to feel good and remedy one’s shortcomings. Perhaps your period – long, medium or short term – has been characterized by small depressive phases, even alternating and of limited duration in time, the fact is that your life does not satisfy you, you are a little frustrated and you need , in fact, to smile again. The dream, in this case, would only underline one’s need to reach a happy shore, make one’s existence full and far from any sadness. In particular, these dream images suggest you, in this perspective, to make up for the time lost with your family, friends or in any case all those people who are able to make you feel good even with little.

Dreaming of the happiness of others

However, there are many variants of this dream: in fact, it is possible to dream of the happiness of others, to see moments of lost happiness or future ones, which have not yet materialized. In short, depending on the context, the interpretations can be many and varied. It is important, as always, to underline how the details, even the smallest, are essential to give a precise picture of what one dreams of.

I was sitting on a lawn, looking at the horizon. Nothing more. And I felt happy with my life, for no apparent reason. What can it mean?

Dreaming of being happy

In family: you have reached an inner tranquility that allows you to live life without negative thoughts in your head. You are in an enviable balance, although difficulties are always around the corner in everyday life.

Don’t be: it is a premonitory dream, if it can be defined as such. In fact, it reflects your current situation, but at the same time predicts a happy and radiant future, with lots of good news and success.

dream of happiness

Achieving lost happiness: your life is a continuous change of perspective, sometimes confusing and unclear circumstances, which in recent times have led you to lose your compass and feel disoriented. After a complex period, you will be able to get back on track, once and for all.

Dreaming of being happy for no reason: are you laughing for no particular reason? This means that a fortune or a benevolent fate will happen to you without deserving it in a particular way, but only for a decision of fate. A circumstance to rejoice in, which will give you back a joy you haven’t been used to for a long time.

The happiness of your partner: you are people who love to guarantee good to others. It is possible that by rejoicing in the joy or success of the person next to you from a strictly sentimental point of view (but why not also of a friend or family member), you too have a “benefit”. Sometimes being happy for others can make yourself happy too.

Dreaming of being happy for a goal achieved: long coveted to obtain recognition following a constant and meticulous commitment in the workplace. But your superiors or direct bosses do not seem to want to grant you such a joy. In all likelihood, success will come for you too, you just need to have a little consistency and, above all, the ability to wait.

A happy senior: consider a chapter in your life closed, usually from a sentimental point of view. After years spent with a person, you are about to leave by mutual agreement, without grudges and, above all, with the conviction that the relationship could turn into a beautiful friendship. You will look at the moments spent together in the past with a smile on your face, now you need to try new experiences. Before we get too old.

Dreaming of being happy and crying

If you dream of be happy with a guy you don’t know, in all likelihood you have reached a psychophysical status such as to be able to feel good with all people, without fear or prejudice. If on the other hand you have dreamed of be happy and cry at the same time, it is not a cry of joy, but probably a cry of liberation. You have come back from a very hard period from a professional point of view and probably also from a sentimental one, you know well that after so much suffering it is your time to smile, once and for all.

There are so many dreams that a person can experience. Have you ever dreamed of crying so bad you hate win at the Superenalotto?

Dream interpretation and lotto numbers

For a goal 6

Be happy 36

And cry 47

No reason 85

For fake 88

In the family 90


Dreams Meaning

The forgotten trauma. Dream Interpretation in Psychotherapies:


The forgotten trauma. The interpretation of dreams in psychotherapies: history, theory, technique”By Luigi Antonello Armando and Marianna Bolko is a manual consisting of 269 pages, published by Franco Angeli in 2017.

In the presentation it is immediately highlighted how today those who specialize in psychotherapist activity do not seem to be interested in acquiring the ability to understand dreams both for the difficulties it entails and for other reasons subsequently analyzed.

The first part of the volume is dedicated to mind training in which the continuity and discontinuity between experimental psychology and psychoanalysis, self-analysis and didactic analysis, the differences between psychoanalysis and psychotherapy, the very famous book by Freud “The interpretation of dreams” with the consequent responses of other psychoanalysts , the changes made over the years to definitions and conceptions up to the point to the meaning of the word trauma.

The second part, on the other hand, dedicated to the exercise of the mind, exposes in depth the history, technique and interpretation. The latter consists of two constitutive moments (formation of the mind, four guiding principles and construction of the context) and three operational moments (connection, ideational process and decision) whose limits are also analyzed. Finally they are illustrated the two types of evaluation, autonomous and heteronomous and explanations are given regarding the possibility of the interpreter to dream the patient and the ability of the interpreter to face his own dreams.

It is therefore a book recommended above all to those who intend to specialize in the professions of psychoanalyst and psychotherapist.

The price is around 30 euros.


Dreams Meaning

Dream book dream interpretation guide with numbers for the lotto


This is a dictionary recently published by De Vecchi Editore for the series Astrology at a price of around 15 euros.

This book contains both the modern interpretation of dreams and the thought of famous interpreters of the past as well as the symbolic / mythological and psychological / physiological aspects to finish with the cabal of the lot.

It starts from the erroneous consideration according to which during sleep all the activities of the organism stop while instead it has been scientifically demonstrated that there is a high brain activity. There have been numerous research on sleep which led to the establishment of its cyclical development and the discovery of REM sleep, or rather that characterized by the presence of dreams. After an in-depth study of the so-called REM sleep we come to the question of interpretation by recalling Freud’s first important work, The interpretation of dreams, published in 1900. Freud’s method of interpretation is meticulously explained, but also those of Adler and Jung, in fact other methods of interpretation were subsequently developed from Freud’s ideas.

He is appointed Leopold Szondi, a Swiss psychologist, with his analysis and interpretation to arrive later at Gestalt therapy with Perls who, unlike Freud, considers dreams not as a way of access to the unconscious, but as a way of access to integration.

In the second part of the volume, however, among the various themes we talk more specifically about the dream, the meaning of the word dream, its relationship with psychology, the analysis of the most common symbols, numbers and the game of lotto up to get to the part dedicated to the actual dictionary.


Dreams Meaning

Dream of your own clone | The meaning of dreams


Dreaming of your own clone is one of the strangest and most particular experiences you can have. Two themselves in the same room. An experience that can also be unsettling. But what does this mean? A dream in which you have the opportunity to observe yourself is certainly noteworthy, and it is not uncommon for it to allow the dreamer to evaluate some aspects of his personality. Aspects to be corrected or modified according to the situations that we find ourselves living in daily life.

Dream of your own clone

According to the modern interpretation of dreams, the fact of dreaming of oneself in the company … of another oneself it is a symptom of a strong personal discomfort, of a restlessness that grips us. Usually it is a situation linked to one’s daily life or to the relationship with the people who are close to us. We behave in a certain way but we don’t know why, sometimes we feel like we are playing the part of a person different from us. Of our double evil or less sensitive, precisely. But the concept of double can also have a positive connotation, it can underline the presence of a person (different from us) who takes our defense, a kind of guardian angel who watches us from a distance, but which is nevertheless able to be always present. To be heard in times of need. We do not perceive it physically, but concretely, in our real life, its weight is felt in a very important way.

That of the double, or as they say borrowing from the German doppelgänger, can have, in popular belief, the meaning of a negative omen. Very negative. Even death. It would be about seeing one’s soul, one’s spirit, therefore a version of oneself post mortem.


Dreams Meaning

Dream of being shot | The meaning of dreams


Dreaming of being hit by a shot

Dreaming of being shot (in an incorrect “translation” according to the Italian language but which still gives the idea) more than a dream it is a nightmare for the unpleasant sensations, for the anxiety it generates and the consequent rude awakening.

It should always be remembered that every dream is different and closely connected to the dreamer’s life. The weapon used is irrelevant for the purpose of interpretation while I am thereand people involved and the result of the shot. Usually you wake up before you know the final result of the shot.

I enter the house and suddenly I turn around and see that I have a gun pointed at my head …

The classic interpretation

In classical dream interpretation, it shot symbolizes change. The dreamer has come to the end of a phase of his life that can be the end of a job, a love, etc. Their end leaves room for the novelty that is about to arrive, for change in fact.

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From this point of view, dreaming that someone shoots us it has no negative meaning since i changes can be positive and make our life or social position better.

be shot and not die

Where does the shot hit?

Depending on part of the body if you are hit in a dream, the interpretation changes. For example if you are hit at legs or arms, the changes could affect more closely theworking environment. If you see the blood coming out, alas, the changes will not be for the better, on the contrary, a dismissal or removal from a position is likely. In some cases the right leg or arm correspond to the father while the left leg and arm correspond to the mother.

So if you get hit in these spots, the changes can affect these family members in particular. If you get hit at the heart it goes without saying that the change can only affect one’s own love life. If other people are affected by the shot, the change could instead be linked to them and their personal situations intertwined with those of the dreamer. Survive the shot, although hit, it indicates a strong personality and ability to get up and fight without ever giving up.

What does it mean to dream of being shot

Dreaming of being shot and dying: change in this case is really necessary. It must be a clean break, a sort of “elimination” in order to move towards a better future.

Dreaming of being shot and surviving: in this case it is possible to procrastinate and wait before making decisions. You can calmly decide when to take the path of change.

Being shot by a stranger: the unknown, the change of life that you know is waiting for you makes you a little afraid, it creates anxiety and fear of not being up to it.

Dreaming of being shot in the forehead: in this case death is assured and consequently the meaning is of rupture, of a definitive cut, without the possibility of recriminations. Something or someone has let you down, embittered to the point of “killing” you inside.

Shoot yourself: in this case you feel guilty about something, you are ashamed to the point of deciding to punish yourself with death. Analyze your situation well and fix it before it becomes an obsession.

Shoot your partner: you do not have a very stable relationship and if you think so, it is good that you start thinking about it calmly and seriously.

If your partner shoots you: also in this case say goodbye to the serenity of the couple because your subconscious warns you that there are many unresolved issues that hinder your relationship.

Dream interpretation and lotto numbers

Shoot 71

In burst 41

Up in the air 4

To someone 5

See you shoot 47

Weapon 38

Bullet 71

Blood 18

Wound 11


Dreams Meaning

What does dreaming of Poop Mean means, interpretation and lottery numbers

The first image through which an act, a behavior or an object is negatively branded in the psyche of a child is precisely that referred to I did: how many times have we heard a mother tell her son “leaves! this is poop … “; it therefore appears a logical consequence that this organic element is often interpreted, in the imaginative and therefore dreamlike life of an adult, as a negative factor at least from a superficial point of view, not to mention the fact that the same nouns, with which often we mark this biological phenomenon, they are often thought of as veritable linguistic taboos, and many of us would most likely encounter no less than a problem in uttering them.

“Feci, urine, poop, poo, excrement “: they are all terms that indicate one expulsion of organic material object of contempt and disgust for ours bon ton of civilized beings, but it has not always been this way and the dream associations that follow go much further: it is an image that, in addition to synthesizing the need to expel and eliminate the superfluous, it must also necessarily be associated with regenerative and vitalistic possibilities that bring with them the excrement.


Most symbolic images, that is, those which have a certain importance in the mythological apparatus of a certain population and which condense within them stratifications of meaning, sedimented in the course of the history and development of anthropomorphic cultures, they possess by nature an intrinsic duplicity, often contradictory that must be calibrated together with the other elements that can appear in the dream setting, and that often are fundamental in the interpretation of the dream; in this specific case, the image of feces, of the excrement, on the one hand it reconnects to theirs ability to act as a vitalistic principle in some biological cycles (think for example of the practice of fertilization, or of their use as an anti-parasite in organic cultivation, thus able to preserve the vitality of the plantations), thus relating to similar ideas such as fertility, nourishment, sustenance, the eternal cyclical nature of the natural course; on the other hand this image hides its purely mechanistic component relegated to the idea of repulsion e ofexpulsion, thus representing all the psychic material considered by the dreamer to be a toxic “waste”, malodorous from a metaphorical point of view and which one would like to get rid of (thoughts, obsessions, mental short-circuits). From a purely psycho-analytical point of view, the image dates back to the anal phase of the development of the human being, that age in which, together with cognitive development, a sketch of our sense of personal modesty and confidentiality would also emerge, from which it derives the historical contrast between public and private in human experiences.

It is certainly not one of the most frequent dreams ever and perhaps for this reason the emotions-reactions aroused are among the most varied; in most cases, the dreamer brought into contact with such an image cannot fail to feel a certain sense of disgust and revulsion, often accompanied by Fr.aura of having been contaminated by it and, in a sense, dirty. Precisely this component, when present, could reveal essential details about our interpretation. Indeed, the fear of having been contaminated / soiled would refer to the personal perception that the dreamer has in relation to his moral conduct: getting dirty with feces, waste material, is certainly not a good experience (beyond those who believe that the droppings of a bird on the jacket can bend fate from ours) and would mark everything that is considered, by the Super- ego, an attack on his patronage.

It is the unconscious that is electing something like “not good”; as a metaphor for moral filth, dishonesty and corruption, feces are the request, in this specific case, of our psyche for order and cleanliness. In general, feeling dirty in dreams is always connected to the possibility of a repressed sense of guilt, or in any case not appropriately present on a conscious level, or it could be caused by some situation that one has been forced to live and face in a way that does not we judge among the best.


The archetype called into question is that of death-rebirth; it is life that is renewed through what dies, that ends. The resulting lightening would be the symbol of a spiritual regeneration, a change that from the past absorbs only what is most suited to its objective, leaving out the rest that is expelled.


It is generally a warning to a personality with great social and interpersonal difficulties, especially as regards the actual manifestation of one’s needs; there are probably recent situations that are experienced by the dreamer as inhibiting his own expressive possibilities.


Reconnecting to the symbology of the vital principle, this variant would suggest the dreamer’s need to draw on his own inner resources, to find his own driving force in himself able to pull him forward in the biographical experience; the fact of eating one’s scraps would be a clear symbolism of recycling: one is afraid of running out of energy, poor.


The number associated with such an eloquent image is the86.